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Benita Margaliot PT

My goal is to approach each patient from a holistic angle which is grounded in anatomical understanding.  Since I graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Physical Therapy in 1996, I have enjoyed a variety of therapeutic realms.  I spent several years at the Toronto General and Toronto Western hospitals working as a physiotherapist in the departments of general medicine, neurology, and neurosurgery, as well as in the WSIB hand and wrist specialty program, chronic pain program, and outpatient orthopedics.  During that time, I began my osteopathic journey, where I trained at the Canadian College of Osteopathy.  I continued my involvement in the area of neurology, including the management of concussion, autonomic nervous system dysregulation, and cranial nerve dysfunction.  After completing an ALF mini-residency, I have been involved in the collaborative treatment of craniofacial issues such as temporomandibular joint dysfunction, dental occlusion, airway, and sleep medicine. My passion for understanding the intricacies of the human body and its interconnections inspires me to share my knowledge and compassion with my patients.



​I have been a patient of Benita’s for 10 years. When I first started seeing Benita I was a medical mystery. I was suffering from severe joint pain and swelling, chronic sinus infections, and chronic pneumonia. While a team of medical specialists tried to diagnose what was wrong with me Benita was able to ease my joint pain, keep my sinuses draining which reduced infections, and keep my lungs clear which reduced my bouts of pneumonia. Benita was able to come up with procedures that worked often before the specialist recommended them. Over the last 10 years and many specialists, I have been diagnosed with Hypogammaglobulinemia, COVD, Lymphocytic Interstitial Pneumonia, and Bronchiectasis to name a few. During this time Benita has been very instrumental in helping control my joint pain, keeping my sinuses draining and keeping my lungs clear of fluids through percussion treatments, breathing and stretching exercises. Benita has shown amazing dedication, patience’s and skill through her actions and mental support. Truly an amazing knowledgeable professional. I would highly recommend her.

John K


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